Simple Product Creation (12 designs per hour)

  • Create product using client provided or easily sourced images. Apply simple filters/effects (e.g. distressing, black and white, contrast adjust, posterize)
  • Title and upload product to your site

Moderate Product Creation (2-4 designs per hour)

  • simple designs that require additional text and font sourcing OR a simple design that requires adjustments…

Advanced Product Creation (1-3 hours per design)

  • Design product based on a concept or idea
  • Draw an image from scratch in Photoshop / Illustrator
  • Title and upload product to your site

Generated Product

  • Simple list creation: most data is available from a single to a few sources online (e.g. list of current world leaders) (One list per hour up to 1,000 items)
  • Moderate list creation: data is not available from a single source and must be manually entered or retrieved from multiple online sources (e.g. a list of slang terms by U.S. state) (One 100 item list per hour)
  • Complex list creation: data needs to be manually entered and/or manipulated. (e.g. a list of pluralized animal types by country – crocodiles/Africa, deer/Canada, elk/Canada, octopi/Japan, etc.) (One 50 item list per hour)
  • Template design (1 template per hour)
  • Running the generator and loading product to your site (30 minutes)
  • Surcharge: Note that generated product cost $2 each in addition to the base dropshipper fee.  This surcharge goes to the generator developer.


*Note: actual times can vary greatly from estimates given unknowns including: complexity of design, design change requests, list complexity and data availability.